25 minutes to go is a band. a punk band. a rock band. a metal band. whatever the hell you wanna call it... it's pure damn awesome.
25 minutes to go was started in the fall of 2004 by Trey, Jon, and this dude named Zack that apparently fell off the planet. they wanted to be in a regular old punk rock band that was super fun. Little did they know, their lives were about to become way more awesome. Josh Morgan joined the band and played guitar. Zack left because Josh was way radder. then Josh went to fight for our freedom in Canada. he stayed there. then Kyle joined the band and produced vocal gold and bass playing prowess. Jon became the guitar player and singer. then Zane joined the band and played for a couple of years. then Zane left to be a carnie. Andy joined the band. that dude is pure rad. Andy left the band in July 2011 to save the world. he's doing that shit for real via lovegrows.org.
Axe man and inkslinger AJ Lingerfeldt has recently taken over lead guitar duties and is slaying it all day and all night. the legend continues.
in the process of all that they've released three full length albums, a recent acoustic record, and a bunch of ep's that all rule way hard. those three full lengths and the AC/EP are available here...
25 Minutes to Go Official Web Store!
25 minutes to go is doing shit that no one else is doing and people are starting to get wise. and the stuff that they aren't making up, they're reinventing.
call it punk or metal or country or rock n roll... who cares? you wasted so much time thinking about dumb stuff you could've been getting pumped as crap.
now it's too late for you... bummer.